IT hunters is a team of head hunters with an excellent knowledge of the IT branch and high-tech recruitment techniques. We take advantage of our experience, our knowledge of the market, branch contacts, innovative ways and recruitment tools. We support the development of Polish and foreign companies by providing workers with unique competences and skills.



Our method


Headhunting means to approach specialists in the market who do not actively seek employment. This process requires our researchers to have a specific knowledge, an extended database of candidates, personal contacts and, most of all, a relevant strategy and experience.


Networking relies on establishing and developing relationships in order to share information and support in a professional area. It also ensures access to reliable and trusted candidates more efficiently. IT Hunters reaches out for IT specialists through personal contacts, conferences, meetings, forums, discussion groups and specialist websites.

Direct search

The IT hunters specialists reach candidates via direct searches, which means that we are able to involve those candidates who do not actively seek employment into the recruitment process.


We also rely on Friendhunting, thereby following recommendations of known candidates in our database.

IT hunters is characterized by:

Focus on the IT market

Knowledge of technologies and trends in the IT sector

Ability to convince demanding IT specialists to work for our customers

Choice of a proper recruitment strategy

Technical know-how in the IT branchT

Creativity in searching for the best talents

Partner approach to our customers and candidates

Verification of references

Active participation in the employer branding of our customers

Reduction in the turnover rate through adapting of candidates to organizationsi